Broadmore Consulting |Transportation Advocate

I have always been a huge advocate for infrastructure because I believe infrastructure drives economic development and jobs, so in early 2019 when Senator David Farnsworth asked me to join his ad hoc committee that would focus on infrastructure in the east valley, predominantly roadways, I jumped at the opportunity.  Along with myself, the committee [...]

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Broadmore Consulting | Advocate

Advocating for change effects every facet of my life, whether it be as a husband, father, business owner, or Councilmember. I had to lobby, really convince, my bride to marry me, lobby to get my kids to do their chores, and I advocate for my clients. As a Councilmember, I advocate for Mesa at the [...]

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Broadmore Consulting|Procurement Law

I mentioned in a previous blog about ensuring you hire a consultant that has expertise in the area in which you are interested in expanding into.  The example I used was a potential client that had no concept of Arizona Procurement Laws. Here’s what that entity didn’t understand.  The State Legislature adopted laws to ensure [...]

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Broadmore Consulting|Should You Hire a Consultant?

There are many reasons why you should consider contracting with a consultant, with the most obvious being cost savings. I’ve often made the argument that a consultant can save a company on their bottom line, which is a combination of both direct and indirect costs. A company’s Direct Cost include wages, retirement/pension, medical/dental insurance, payroll [...]

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