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I have always been a huge advocate for infrastructure because I believe infrastructure drives economic development and jobs, so in early 2019 when Senator David Farnsworth asked me to join his ad hoc committee that would focus on infrastructure in the east valley, predominantly roadways, I jumped at the opportunity.  Along with myself, the committee was comprised of Staff from Mesa’s Transportation Department, Elected and staff members from both Apache Junction and Queen Creek, staff from both Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman, MAG, Flood Control, and State Land.

The committee took the name East Valley Transportation Infrastructure Committee (EVTI) with the sole purpose of identifying opportunities to expedite the design and construction of State Route 24, as well as the North-South Freeway from Picacho Peak north.  The committee meets every other month, and attendance has expanded.

So one may ask why, living in Maricopa County, I would be interested in advocating for roadways predominantly in Pinal County.  Well, here’s the reason. 10 years ago, I was one of the original members of the I-11 (Mexico-Canada) corridor discussion. My job back then was to advocate for utility crossings to ensure there were adequate opportunities to get utilities across the freeway, unabated.  I was intrigued with the process, and I followed the discussion closely because I knew of the potential for significant trade with our partners to the south and north, and the potential for significant growth in the west valley.

But after I was elected to represent the citizens and interests of Mesa, I realized that there is a huge need to advocate for the North-South Freeway regardless of where you live in the east valley. Why? Because I honestly believe the I-11 will do to the east valley what the I-40 did to Route 66. If you are looking to bring your company to Arizona, will you go to a major corridor of trade, or to an area where the roads neck down to single lane highways? 

Leaders in our communities, and residents in our communities must all advocate to build the North-South Freeway before the I-11. If I have to lead that charge, I will.  I love my community and I think our future is bright and worth fighting for.  

If you are looking for someone to lead your charge and advocate on your behalf with the same intensity, give us a call.  At Broadmore, we’re here to help you expand your horizons.

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Kevin Thompson has over 10 years’ experience at both county and local level politics, and over 15 years of experience in the utility industry. Kevin is the principle and owner of Broadmore Consulting, bringing public and private sectors together for win-win solutions. In his positions, he has built solid working relationships at all levels of government, from federal to state to county and local.

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