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I mentioned in a previous blog about ensuring you hire a consultant that has expertise in the area in which you are interested in expanding into.  The example I used was a potential client that had no concept of Arizona Procurement Laws. Here’s what that entity didn’t understand. 

The State Legislature adopted laws to ensure that public monies are spent judiciously, and that the playing field is leveled. In fact, in an effort to ensure frugality and honesty, there are 13 Articles within Chapter 23 that are dedicated specifically to procurement law. Those laws apply to every expenditure by any state agency, but there are exceptions.  

  • The Legislature is exempt from the laws.
  • The Judicial branch of Arizona government and the Arizona Board of Regents can adopt their own policies and procedures, but they must be “substantially equivalent” to the state law.
  • ADOT is exempt, but have to follow certain portions of procurement law and federal code when procuring:
    • construction items for construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or preservation of highway infrastructure.
    • engineering services and any other work or activity related to highway infrastructure.
  • Arizona State Parks is exempt for the purchase, production, promotion, distribution and sale of publications, souvenirs and other items obtained and produced for resale.
  • Cities and towns can either adopt the state law, a portion of the state law, or they can write their own. In essence, every city and town can, and do, have differing procurement policies. 

Within Chapter 23, there are laws that are specific to and outline when you are not able to talk to procurement officers. After all the money and time spent to prepare a Request for Information, Request for Qualification, or Request for Proposal, the last thing you want to do is disqualify your firm from competitively bidding.

So depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you should ensure the consultant has the expertise and experience you need before you contract with them.  If you choose to hire a consultant to help expand your footprint in Arizona, or represent you in the Government Relations arena, Broadmore Consulting is ready to help.

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Kevin Thompson has over 10 years’ experience at both county and local level politics, and over 15 years of experience in the utility industry. Kevin is the principle and owner of Broadmore Consulting, bringing public and private sectors together for win-win solutions. In his positions, he has built solid working relationships at all levels of government, from federal to state to county and local.

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